Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Unrest in America, unrest in a generation. Sal symbolizes these things. He is restless, he is full of energy and seeks other sources of energy. New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are all centers of energy. Dean, Carlo, Remi and Terry all possess the same unrest. All of these people are drawn together through a mutual recognition of energy. The problem with this generation, with these people and with this movement is that there is no direction for them to go in. Without direction, they just go. Unlike the generations before them that had been caught up in war and building America, this generation possesses the energy to move, to be and to desire. This "On The Road" mentality would translate into a revolutionary energy in the next generation, an energy that would cause turmoil in America and an era defined by the Civil Rights Movement. 
-Zack Meier

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