Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Living in the Present

As Sal travels the country and progresses in his journey, it becomes more apparent that there is no plan and no future in Sal's mind. This becomes clear as he arrives in Sabinal with Terry. He accompanies Terry to her home in Sabinal in order to meet up with her family and to find work. At every failed attempt of finding work or progression the word "mañana" is uttered. The word serves to diffuse responsibility to the next day, to the future. The future that never comes. Sal lives in the present and "mañana" is what keeps him there. If he ever has any responsibility or any problem he can always fix it "mañana". Sal Paradise is always living in the present. Paradise is always one day away....
-Zack Meier

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  1. That is a characteristic that most men on the road have: they live for that moment, not for anything else..