Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Restless Dissatisfaction

"I cursed, I cried for Chicago. 'Even now they’re all having a big time, they’re doing this, I’m not there, when will I get there!'- and so on."
"Now I could see Denver looming ahead of me like the Promised Land, way out there beneath the stars, across the prairie of Iowa and the plains of Nebraska, and I could see the greater vision of San Francisco beyond, like jewels in the night."
These two quotes from Sal seem to summarize the reason for his constant motion. He is dissatisfied always dissatified, and he is in a constant state of looking foward to the future. Some say that humans enjoy the journey, not the end result and as Sal's travels progress he is looking foward to the next place instead of enjoying his journies and remaining in the moment. In Sal's mind there is no happiness to be found on the road, only a constant state of anxious suffering. An attitude of dissatisfaction that carries the burden of unnecessary foresight 
-Zack Meier

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