Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Motion As Therapy

Sal is on a mission, his dissatisfaction proves that he does not know what his mission is nor where it will end but he is on a journey to find himself throughout the entire novel. His state of discontent only dissipates when he looks to the future and is in the act of motion. He has no home because the road is his home, the road is his sanctuary. He finds peace in the chaos of unorganized motion and the drugs, alcohol and relationships on the way are secondary to the motion. I believe that there is no greater feeling for him than the feeling of being in action because while in action (journeying down "the road") one loses their conscious thoughts. When in action, it is easier to allow emotion, instinct and the rawest form of your human being take over. Therapy is usually the act of expressing conscious thought but Sal's therapy is the act of repressing consciousness in favor of the action and chaos of the road. 
-Zack Meier

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