Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Writing Style of Jack Kerouac

Kerouac's writing style was heavily influenced by the cultural changes of the time, especially the rise of Jazz music and the Bebop genre. Along with cultural influences, Kerouac used his own Buddhist studies to mold his writing style.
Jack refered to his writing style as "spontaneous prose" because he would write continuously without edits.  He enjoyed writing autobiographical novels, so his writing style fit perfectly with the stories he told because his experiences could flow out onto the pages of the novel without edits.
He showed that his writing style could produce a novel with rhythm, much like the music that influenced him.  By improvising words and trying to eliminate the period, he created a writing style all is own to go with the rythm of the Beat generation.

He wrote "On The Road" on a 120 foot manuscript using his writing technique of "spontaneous prose"
-Zack Meier

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