Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Beat Generation

The Beat Generation was a term that Jack Kerouac used in 1948 to describe his social circle. He was recognized as being the founder and leader of this movement.  The members of this generation were a group of American writers who emerged in the 1950s who rejected American middle class values. The headquarters were centred around the artist colonies in California and New York.

The following are characteristics of the movement:

  • Spiritual liberation, sexual "revolution" i.e., gay liberation
  • Liberation from censorship.
  • Decriminalization of some laws against marijuana and other drugs.
  • The evolution of rhythm and blues into rock and roll as a high art form
  • The spread of ecological consciousness
  • Opposition to the military-industrial machine civilization
  • Appreciation of actions against law enforcers.
  • Respect for land and indigenous peoples/creatures

Cati S. 


  1. Jack Kerouac said that he disliked the "Beat Generation" label that was given to him.

  2. This movement completely changed literature. It gave writers the sense of freedom that they can write about anything.